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Thread: Tricare Confusion

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    Tricare Confusion

    Hi everyone! I just got married about 2 months ago and im still kind of confused about this whole Tricare thing and how it works. I went to talk to a lady at the tricare office up at ft. stewart after i enrolled in DEERS and everything and she just confused me more and couldnt give me a straight answer.

    Heres my situation... I'm currently finishing up college for another year in Orlando so im not really near any military base. My question is what do i do if i have to go to the doctor? Can i go see any doctor? If i cant how do i find out which ones i can go to?

    Also, what happens when i actually go to the doctor... like proof of insurance or something like that. I'm so used to having an insurance card that its hard for me to understand what happens with tricare!

    Sorry, these are probably really basic things i should know but i still feel a little out of the loop not living near an army post!
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    You have your military ID right?!? Your military ID will be your insurance card.

    I'm assuming you're on Tricare Standard. Since you're in FL, you're Tricare South.

    View the following link to find a provider.

    With Tricare Standard, there are co-pays.
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    As she said above find a provider who accept Tricare in your area.
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    You can enroll in Tricare Prime Remote which will limit which doctor you can see, which hospitals you can stay at and requires that you have referrals. The advantage is that there are no co-pays and more things are covered.

    Tricare standard has a 20% cost share for all procedures. So if you need a CT scan or something that will cost several thousand dollars, you have to pay 20% of that, meaning you will pay $200 for every $1000 that a procedure costs. However you can seek out specialists without referrals and you have more freedom to choose providers.

    Does that help?

    ETA: As stated above - your ID card is your insurance card. You'll use the search to find providers that accept Tricare, although you need to know if they accept standard or prime. You need to find out if you are signed up for standard or prime to ensure that you are using the right services and informed about how to see a doctor.
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    Thank you ladies!! That definitely helps me out a lot and yes i do have my ID card so i have no problems there. I guess now i just have to decide if prime or standard is better for me. Thanks again!

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