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Thread: I love Tricare

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    I love Tricare

    And I don't mean that sarcastically

    Nalani is considered "Failure to Thrive" because she's having problems gaining weight. So the doc recommended her going on Pediasure.

    We make too much to qualify for WIC so I've been spending $100/mo for 50 bottles of Pediasure

    I told the doc this and she said "You know, I bet Tricare will cover it through Home Health."

    OMG, a lady from the hospital came by yesterday with 90 bottles. I was soooo grateful!!!

    As much as I may hate military doctors, I do not hate Tricare. Tricare covered my son's $30K hospital bill at the Children's Hospital and I didn't have to pay a dime, its covered Nalani's GI & Specialists appointments, and my other daughter's therapy for her shyness.... all civilian practitioners and with no copay.

    I'm just sooo grateful! But anyhow, for those of you who need Pediasure by doctor's orders, apparently Tricare covers that too.
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    wow, thats awesome. We qualify for wic and my son gets 54 bottles a month from that. thats stuff expensive
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    WOW that is GREAT!!!!!! tricare has been good to me so far...
    bye for now

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    I agree with you I LOVE Tricare as well!! I had surgery in May 2006 and it cost almost 500K and we didnt have to pay a dime, then I had another HUGE surgery in Nov 2006 and it was nearly a million dollars and we still did not have to pay a dime!! I will be having surgery again with this new baby in Aug and I wont have to pay a dime for that either! I am very thankful for them, if we did not have them me and my husband would have had to file bankruptcy for both surgeries and this one coming up too so I am VERY thankful for them!!

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    Me too! Without Tricare, I would never have been able to afford my insulin pump. I never even considered it as an option for my health care, even though things were getting bad. My husband then suggested that I take full advantage. lol. It's made my quality of life so much better, and without Tricare, it would not be the case at all. I am so thankful that all of my medical care is taken care of until my husband decides to get out of the Army.

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