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Thread: Tricare Standard vs Tricare Prime

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    Tricare Standard vs Tricare Prime

    Which do you have?
    Do you like it?

    [I'm trying to decide what is my better choice.]
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    I have standard. I like that I can chose my own doctor and dont need a referral for everything. I feel like I have more mobility.
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    I have prime. Last year we were in Japan and I got sick which eventually led to surgery. I had to Fly from Japan to Denver.. Stayed in the hospital for a m0nth before my surgery and another two weeks after that. I didn't pay a single penny. I don't know how Tricare standard work but from my experience I'm very happy with my tricare prime.
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    Idk for sure but i think tri-care standard u have to pay a co-pay with prime u dont have too, u can get ur own doctor with prime u just have to call tri-care and request an off post doctor because ur "facility" is too full for u to make appointments i know here i have to wait upwards of 30 days to get a doc. appointment so i normally get a referal somewhere else. :-D hope tha thelps if u need any more help just let me know and i will find it out for u

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    I have Tricare Prime and we don't pay anything...but I don't know how Standard works...

    I would go here to see what they both offer:

    One True Love
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    I just switched from standard to prime... with standard you have a copay and have to pay 15% of whatever the total bill comes to. With prime they pay it all... and i stayed with my original pcm that i had before i had tricare!
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    I have prime. With a chronic health condition that needs constant care and medical supplies, it works out better for us financially. Everything is completely paid for. I was able to request that my Internal Medicine Specialist be made my PCM and all I need to do is email him and he refers me whenever and wherever I need.
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    I have prime! I absolutely LOVE it!!! I see a civilian doc off base. No complaints yet. It truly all depends on how full the military facilities are.
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    We have always had Prime. It can be a hassel at times to get refferals, btu as long as you are proactive and keep up with the paperwork it goes realativly quickly.

    We have had moves/OB (on and off base)/surgeries/etc... and we have never had to pay anything. The only time we have to pay anything is a $3 perscription fee if we go off base/post to get it filled.

    My children are seen off base by a civilian Ped, and I am seen off base by a civilan OB, so it isn't a lot diffrent.

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    I had standard b/c I only see specialist and I have had them for years. I wanted to keep them since we were still in my hometown, they were near by. I was also pregnant when I got Tricare and I wanted to keep my OB. I'm divorced now and I hated having to pay the co-pay for my son (money was tight then) to see the doc. Since I stopped using Tricare for myself, I just switched DS to prime and for the most part, I love it. I don't have to pay a dime! If DB and I get married, I will most likely get prime. I didn't know that I could have just asked my PCM to refer me to my specialist and I could have continued to use them still had I gotten on prime before.
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