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Thread: Husband and Medical Board

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    Husband and Medical Board

    is any one familar with how the Medical boards go when a military person has an injury? how long before one goes before the board and how serious does the injury have to be before they are medicaly discharged?

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    I don't know but here's a little for you.

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    DH started the process in January and I doubt the broad will review him for at least another month or so. It can be a very long drawn out process. Lots of appointments and physicals, and in army tradition... lots of waiting.

    As far as "how hurt" you need to be, there's really no way to say. You just have to be unable to do your job. Then your first step is seeing a doctor and having them put him on a profile. Typically you have to be on profile for 'x' amount of time before they'll recommend you to med. broad. A lot of it is based on your doctor's opinion though.

    PM me. I've got all the paperwork and timelines somewhere around here, but we're going out of town so I won't be able to answer any questions until after Easter.
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    My husband's is on a med board right now, so I don't have many answers for you. With DH, he was put on limited duty for shin splints/stress fractures a year ago, was on limited duty for 6 months, and then when they returned he was put on a med board. He's still going through the initial paperwork and physical.

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