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Thread: United Concorida - Toddlers

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    United Concorida - Toddlers

    My son was automatically enrolled in United Concordia when he was born apparently because we already had a family plan for my stepson. He's 14 months now (need to update ticker) and my dentist recommended bringing him in after a few molars appeard just to check on things. However I heard two different things: (1) I heard he isn't actually covered for check ups until 2-3 years old and they only cover emergencies (knocking tooth out, etc) before then and (20 that is incorrect and I can take him anytime. Anyone know? Thanks.
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    As far as we were told, Concordia didn't cover visit's until the kids turned 3, because their pediatricians act as their dentists until then. however, I took DD to a dental appointment when she was 2.5 and they covered it

    so The best thing to do in your situation, since you have a recommendation from a Dr, is to call United Concordia and ask them. tell them what your Ped said and then after you get the green light, make an appointment with your closest Pediatric dental group that takes Concordia.

    Good luck!
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    They should cover at least a consult. But most dentists here won't do anything till the child is 2 or 3. That is more simply because that is the age most children become "okay" with a stranger proding in their mouth. Yet they should cover preventative maintenance even before 2 or 3. After all, you are paying a dental coverage premium each month for him. Otherwise, thats pretty profitable for UCC, charge a family monthly for dental coverage for a child from birth to age 3 but not allow them to use any benefits.

    Our oldest daughter was 9 months when she needed to start seeing a dentist (tooth came in eggshell thin & you could see the pulp underneath). We didn't have coverage at all but then once we did she had a tooth filled & extracted all by the time she was a year old and it was covered.
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    I was just about to post this.... Hunter f ell and chipped his tooth. I mad him an appointment. He's 23 months. Is that considered an emergency and therefore covered? (Sorry for TJ)
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    Cassie, I'm 99% sure. Read above what happened to my oldest daughter, and to top it off, she saw a dentist in Hawaii, Missouri, and Virginia. Not sure if thats simply because it was an "emergency" (The whole situation didn't start out as an emergency because her tooth came in thin. By the time it had gotten filled the dentist warned me the filling could fall out because the tooth had eroded so much in the 30 days we had to wait for coverage. After that, when we got to Virginia the filling fell out so we had to rush to get the tooth pulled before she hurt herself).

    That said, I have always had the dentists confirm coverage. If they participate with UC and you're in a pretty heavy military area, they are usually very familiar with the coverage.
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    Tori had a full cleaning, xrays, and checkup when she was 2 and it was covered.

    Just call and ask the dentist to be on the safe side.
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    Sounds like the baby is already covered since you have a family plan.

    I took DD at age 15mo because she hadn't cut a single tooth yet. They did xrays to make sure the teeth were there.

    Enrollment Basics
    You have two enrollment options for enrolling active duty family members in the TDP:

    Single Enrollment - A single enrollment is for one eligible active duty family member.

    Family Enrollment - A family enrollment is for two or more eligible active duty family members.

    Under the TDP family enrollment, all eligible active duty family members must be enrolled, except in the following situations:

    Children under the age of 4 may be voluntarily enrolled at any time. However, these children can be excluded from enrollment at the discretion of the sponsor if there is only one member of the family age 4 or older enrolled (single coverage). If the sponsor chooses to enroll one child under the age of 4, all children under the age of 4 will be automatically enrolled as this will change the sponsor's status from single to family coverage. Upon reaching age 4, children will be automatically enrolled on the first day of the month following the month in which they reach age 4.
    Dentists' recommendations are for all children to have their first dental examination by age 1.
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    Both my kids have been to the dentist and my daughter went when she was a year old and they covered it.
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    Sounds like your child is covered!!!!! I enrolled Ethan at 10 months, be took him for his first cleaning when he was 2.
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    Mine has had cleanings since he was 18 months old, and they've been covered. I've been told the only thing NOT covered by UCCI is anesthesia for cavities (since he's under 6, to make sure his mouth is big enough and he doesn't freak out).
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