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Thread: moving and tricare

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    moving and tricare

    I'm moving back to Fl while J is deployed. How will medical/tricare work? MacDill AFB will be pretty close to me, would I be able to go there? Or do I go out in town to someone that takes Tricare? I'm so
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    you will need to contact tricare and switch regions- they will tell you what you need to do.
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    all you have to do is go onto the tricare website and choose either a local dr. in town (a civilian dr.) or go to the military facility closest to you.. you can then just call tricare and tell them who you want and they will update everything and send you the new card with your new PCM. the website is good bc you can see if the dr. is accepting new pts and other info about them. if you choose to go to the military hospital you dont even have to do anything. once you get there they will do all the paperwork for you.
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    If you live out too far you can't use MacDill... and seriously, I switched to Standard because unless your active duty, its almost impossible to get seen on base unless your willing to wait 2 months. If you live far enough away you should be able to see whoever you want under Prime, you also can sometimes get a referral to a PCM closer to where you live.

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