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Thread: NMCRS Question.

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    NMCRS Question.

    So we got a loan for an emergency about a year and a half ago from NMCRS.

    The just got their monthly payments allotted to them right from Patrick's paycheck.

    I just looked at the new LES and they didn't get their allotment. This is about the time(ish) that we should be done paying them back. Do I get a letter from them saying our loan has been re-paid or should I just call to make sure something didn't get all messed up?
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    Is that a interest free loan from the military support center of your branch?

    If so just take how much it was by how many months it was repaid by how much you paid and see if it adds up. That way you have some idea. But calling them for verification is the best idea as they can look it up in the system if it is repaid.

    We have gotten a loan but we paid it back the next month in full so I don't know how it works with them letting you know.
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    I'd call and ask them if it's paid in full.
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    Yeah, I'd just call.

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