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Thread: My DH is the Army now what?

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    Help My DH is the Army now what?

    My DH re-enlisted in the Army after being out for many years. We were together for part of the time before, but I was a girlfriend, and now I'm a wife and mother. I have no idea where to start. He leaves in a few weeks for WT and AIT. I know that once he's in we'll receive his pay, BAH, and tricare. But how does all that work. We will not know were he'll be stationed until AIT. I know the Army moves us, but do they just pay for the move. And what weight limits? With a family is living on post better then off? How does tricare work? Do we sign up for it before he leaves or does he handle all of that in in-processing? I know that dependence receive a id card, does this happen when his is stationed or ??? My DH wants to go back to school and I think I would like to as well. I heard that the Army pays for the soldiers education while he's in with out using his GI bill and I get special treatment and possible funds. Is that true? Any help, advice or comments would be a great help to me. I'm looking at this as an adventure. I just want to know how to make the transition a little easier for my family. Thank you.
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    I think you should go to the guy that recruited him and give this list of questions to them. They have been very helpful for me. Concider yourself lucky. The WT that your DH is going to is the LAST one. They aren't letting prior service men in anymore. Good luck!
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    definitley do a search here- all your questions are frequently asked. take your time and read thru some of the forums for pay and PCSing.
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    For the ID and insurance, I was informed that when I get our "papers" back in the mail (birth certificaties, SS, etc) that I can go to the nearest station and pick up my ID and insurance will be kicked in. For me, the nearest station is just a national guard training thing. As for school for you, certain colleges are affiliated with SOCAD, which sometimes offers a military spouse discount and guarantees your credits to transfer to other participating schools. For my particular school, the discount was $85 a credit hour. These schools usually have 100% online programs as well. I forgot to say that he will handle the insurance and everything during his first week of BCT...well, WT for him. I haven't lived on post either, but the plan for us is to live on post unless it's just not possible. Being so far away from family and general things known, I just feel more comfortable being within a "designated community" for people in the same bind as me. I hope I helped a little.

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