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Thread: Vet services on base

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    Vet services on base

    Anyone have vet services on their base? We do here but I never been to it. I took my dogs to a local place recently and was astounded at their prices (as compared to when we lived in VA). It was almost double. I am just wondering how the base's services are. Thanks.
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    I used to take my dog to the base vet, until we got banfield. Base wasn't expensive at all, just sometimes it felt like I was waiting forever. I would check into it.
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    An Army Vet saved my dogs life. My mixed breed dog, Mol;ly was dying, 4 civilian vets kept diagnosing her with allergies, put her on prednisone, but made me wean her after a week or so, as soon as she was of the meds she'd be worse than before. I finally did go to an on post vet (that was in Germany. our own post had no vet at the time, so I travelled 60 miles to another post) the vet there, in Ansbach, Dr Brooks * love her* took one look at her and told me it is pemphougous, a very very rare auto immune disease, saved my dogs life!! we moved 6 months ago, but I still call her if I have any questions!
    Plus on post is cheap, usually you pay a $2 fee or so, any meds are at cost to the clinic, so absolutely unbeatable when it comes to price!!!!

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