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Thread: Gastric?

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    Help Gastric?

    Will I be able to get a good price on surgeries being a military wife?
    I asked my DF if I could get a gastric bypass (even though people think I am not fat) and he said whatever would make me happy
    Just wondering if it will be expensive?
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    If you qualify for GBS it will be covered 100%. There are two ways to qualify:

    Your BMI needs to be above a certain level and you need to have at least one co-morbidity


    You have an even higher BMI with no co-morbidities

    Not sure what those BMI levels are but we have several ladies on here who have had the surgery or are in the process of getting the surgery done. DH had GBS in June 2007
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    yeah we even have a group

    Go ahead and join

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