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    well my DF is in the Marine Corps, and he hurt his knee in November. He has gone through the 8 weeks of physical therapy, he got the re-evaluation, the MRI, got the MRI read, and now he is waiting for his consultation with the surgeon. He is supposed to be EASing in June...but as of right now his consultation isn't until March 30th.

    I was just wondering if any of you fine ladies and gentleman have any ideas on how we may be able to move this process along a little faster so he can get out on time and we can get married!

    Thanks in advance!
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    My dh said that he may want to talk to the surgeon about it and see if it can happen. Though there may be no guarantees(depending on the wait time for scheduled surgeries)....I guess that would be a maybe
    (Disclaimer: The following information is coming from a Army wife who doesn't actually know any specifics 100%. Often told to her by husband or other wise ones. Though, they all will admit that at times they dont know the specifics neither. The information received should be considered unstable and possibly flammable. Do not disseminate. )

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