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Thread: Visitors allowed??

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    Nutts Visitors allowed??

    DB is at Walter Reed at one of the housing facilities there... Does anyone know how it works when he has visitors? He says he has his own studio suite and he stays in the room by himself... And he keeps reassuring me that I am allowed to stay with him when I come up this weekend for a few days but I'm nervous that I'm going to get all the way there and then not be able to stay with him. Soooo... Does anyone have any idea how the soldiers living arrangements are there? He said something about staying at Abrams hall?
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    I would suggest calling the main office that is in charge of the barracks. When DH was doing a geo bach, he was in the barracks and in a room by himself. The only thing that they shared was a common kitchen, but that was for the entire floor. The kids and I were allowed to stay with him and the only thing that we had to do was pay $5/child per night. I was allowed to stay at no additional charge. I found all of this out by talking to the main office where he was staying.

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