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Thread: Removal of SSN from DoD ID Cards

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    Thumbs Up Removal of SSN from DoD ID Cards

    I dunno if this goes here so mods please feel free to move it

    FYI- This will affect all active duty military and families in RR3. If you know of someone who does not receive emails from me, please forward.

    The Department of Defense, in an effort to combat identity theft, will begin removing your Social Security Number from your military IDs when you renew them, starting with dependents.

    SSN Reduction
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1 What is changing on the card?

    A1 SSNs will be systematically removed from DoD ID cards. When current cards expire, (consistent with the timeline in A4), they will be replaced with new cards with XXX-XXX-XXXX printed in the Social Security Number field. The SSN will also be removed from the bar codes (See A4).

    Q2 Why are the cards changing?

    A2 These changes are consistent with the overall DoD policy to reduce the use of the SSN and reinforce the growing DoD Culture of Protection for Personally Identifiable Information. Consistent with this, the planned changes are designed to reduce the risk of identity theft to the DoD ID card populations while maintaining continuity of DoD business processes.

    Q3 Who will be affected by the card change?

    A3 All DoD ID cardholders and those business processes that use the SSN from any DoD ID card.

    Q4 When is the card changing?

    A4 Changes to ID cards will occur when the cardholders’ expired cards are renewed.

    The removal of SSNs will occur in three phases:

    Phase One: To begin by end of calendar year 2008
    Dependent SSNs will be removed
    Sponsor SSNs will remain visible
    Cards Affected - DD Forms 1173 and 1173-1

    Phase Two: To begin by end of calendar year 2009
    All printed SSNs will be removed
    Geneva Conventions cards will retain the last four digits of the SSN
    Cards Affected – All DoD ID cards

    Phase Three: To begin during calendar year 2012
    SSNs embedded in barcodes will be removed
    Cards Affected – All DoD ID cards

    Q5 When can I get the new card?

    A5 Go when your current card expires.

    Q6 Where can I get the card?

    A6 Contact your nearest Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) site or go to to find a location near you. Over 1,500 RAPIDS sites with over 2250 workstations worldwide issue identification cards.

    Q7 What do I need to bring with me?

    A7 Two forms of ID from the OMB I-9 document list. One must be a federal or state issued photo ID. Visit for more information.

    Q8 Where can I use my new ID card?

    A8 The new ID card can be used at all locations where current ID cards are accepted.

    Q9 Will my ID be rejected without a visible SSN?

    A9 No, your ID should not be rejected without a visible SSN; however, you may be asked to verbally state your SSN.

    Further questions about the plan may be emailed to
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    good im glad that they will be removing the SSN. last time i tried to return something at walmart without a receipt that copied down my SSN as my ID #. I went thru hell and back to have them remove it.
    I Love my boys
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    My card already is without my social on it.
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    My card already doesn't have mine on it. It just says "On File" where mine would be. But they had to leave DH's on it. Which sucks. I'm glad they're doing away with it. I don't think anyone's SSN's should be on there. Especially with all the Identity Theft that goes on these days.
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    With Hawaii Driver's Licenses they had SSNs as the DL # on it until a couple years ago. SCARY!!!
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    Last year when I took my daughter to get her's they gave me the option to have it on there or not I picked NOT haha!!! good looking out
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    Awesome! As soon as my husband is back from training, I am going to go get a new one. I assume if our social is on our current one we have the option to request one without.
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    Yep, I just got a new one and they asked if I wanted my social on it. Totally cool.

    RIP Jeremy 3/17/78 - 1/16/09
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    We recently all got new ones since hubby retiring and all of the kids and mine don't have our social's. They do have his on there but ours just say SSN on file.
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    I'm glad that they're doing that. I'm always paranoid about keeping it in my wallet because of that.
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