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Thread: debt on Les?

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    debt on Les?

    my husband was getting drill pay and we kept going to finance about it.. finally they stopped it.. everytime they gave it to us we put it in a saving account so when they come back for it we will have it.. well it listed as debt.. but they didnt take it out..and on the bottom in remarks on the Les.. it says total indebtness1125.00 which is what we owe them.. when are they going to take it out.. we dont want to go pay finance. because they not good with doing things.. and lets say wepay them .. then they take it out anyway.. we are going to be short that money till they can correct it.. which takes finance forever.. as it did them finally st0pping the drill pay after 3 months.. should we just wait and let them take it out of our pay.. or what.. that what we were thinking they were going to do anyway.. which is why we have kept the money aside so when they do. we would be prepared.. it says indebtness due us on rmarks as well.. i just dont knwo if we go ahead and pay or let them take it out
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    He needs to go in and ask them what they are wanting to do. Y'all were very smart to keep the money so that you can pay all at once. I actually suggest him trying to do that. But what finance will do always depends on who is working that day.
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    I had a problem just like this when I was active, they kept paying me BAS even though I was living in the dorms, I saved it up in savings for 2 full years, and each month either going to them or calling them, and they never took it back. I got out and they still didn't ask for it. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. But I just didn't get why even though I talked to them at leased 24 times about it, they never set it up to come back to them.
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    If I were you, I would keep the money for myself in savings and have them take it from his check. It just seems like if you pay them all at once that they may screw up again, like you said, and take it all back a second time from his check and then you'll be left with nothing until the next pay day.

    I would go back in to finance and push for them to take it out of the next check. I wouldn't feel comfortable (myself) giving them all that money and there being a chance that they will screw up again.

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