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    so could someone explaine to me how housing works??? **situation** me and DF are getting married as soon as he gets back from iraq... so in early september... can we apply for housing before we get married or do we have to show the proof???? is there a waiting list etc.. how long does it take.. i want to knw everything
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    You can not apply for on-base housing until you are married. For off-base, there is no BAH at the married with dependent rate until you are married.

    For him, as an unmarried guy, he will live in the barracks / dorm / whatever your branch calls it on base unless he is authorized or has permission to live off base.

    The waiting list can be frustrating but in the military you are either married or unmarried; no grey area.
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    Once married and you are in the system, he can go to the housing office and get on their list. Your wait can be as short as a day or as long as a couple years (not joking). I know someone who was one the waiting list for about 14 months before they finally got offered a house. My husband and I went in and 2 days later we had a house.

    But if you don't want to live on base, once you are in the system and he is receiving BAH (which can take a couple weeks to several months) you can live off base. In fact you probably will have to if you won't get housing right away. The office can give you a general idea on how long that will take.
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    now recently some one posted that you can get on the housing list ( may be branch specific) 30 days before getting married- the best person to call would be the housing offce where you need housing- BUT you cannot move in until you are actually married.

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