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Thread: First Deployment Check! HELP

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    Nutts First Deployment Check! HELP

    Ok, so everything is finally on there. (I think-) I just want to ask a few questions. Thanks for your help in advance:
    Ok, I understand everything but the following. There is an entitlement for FSH that is more than the FSA of $250! So I googled it and Im inclined to believe that is Family Seperation Housing.. That just sound plain weird. I guess its the FSA an FSH combined?? Any ideas? Its just confusing to me and I dont wanna see it taken from us the next check. Better safe than sorry. Thanks again
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    I have never heard of that so no help from me sorry.

    Hope you can get it figured it out.

    But if in doubt, don't spend the extra just in case it is a finance mess up and they want it back.
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    After the first 30 days, you receive backpay to the date he left. Is it possible that the FSA is 250 plus the amount for the extra days? For example, if he left on December 13, you would receive a prorated amount for December 13-31, and then 250/month from here on out.

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