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Thread: 3 wks of leave for new fathers

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    3 wks of leave for new fathers

    Even if it passes, doesn't mean any guy will be lucky enough to receive 21 days..

    Senate proposes 3 weeks of paternity leave
    Commanders would have to approve time off

    In what would be a major leap forward in family-friendly benefits, the Senate Armed Services Committee proposes giving up to 21 days of postnatal leave to fathers.

    The paternity leave would be in addition to other earned leave under the proposal approved by the committee as part of its version of the 2009 defense authorization bill.

    Parental leave would be limited to a husband whose wife had given birth, which would exclude unmarried couples.

    Like all other military leave, time off could be granted only with permission of superiors, who could refuse or set limits on how many days could be taken. Parental leave for a father could not be stored up for later use; it would be authorized to be taken only “in connection with the birth of a child,” although the proposal does not cite a specific timeframe.

    Although parental leave for fathers, paid and unpaid, is common in the private sector and for federal, state and local government workers, most service members are limited to using annual leave to take time off after the birth of a child.

    The Marine Corps is the only service that has a fixed policy granting up to 10 days of leave for fathers after the birth of a child.

    The Air Force has considered paternity leave several times, but leaders rejected it. New fathers can take normal leave. Commanders, at their discretion, can award airmen three- or four-day passes.

    The parental leave provision was put in the bill at the urging of the Navy and with the backing of Sens. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

    Granting up to 21 days of leave to new fathers is viewed as a matter of fairness, since Congress previously ordered 21 days of extra leave for service members after the adoption of a child.

    The provision is not a sure thing. The House version of the defense bill has no similar language. An as-yet-unnamed panel of House and Senate negotiators will decide whether the measure will be included in the final compromise bill later this year.

    The Defense Department has not weighed in on the proposal, but defense and service officials generally have been reluctant to endorse extra leave for specific purposes — they opposed the adoption leave enacted in 2006 — because of concerns about the effect on morale.

    Some people could be allowed more time off than others, and commanders could be forced to make difficult decisions about which members of their units are most deserving of leave — for example, a single service member with a long-planned trip home or a married service member whose wife is about to give birth.
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    it would be nice!!! especially since people adopting get time off! its a big adjustment either way. i think they should do it...not like it would be in place when i evict this baby though. but it would be nice for people to get to spend that time with their families and get used to things
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    i sooo didnt kno marines get 10 days off!! wow.. that was good to kno! i hope this passes tho. all braches deserve the time off the first days of there childs birth!
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    even if it passes doesnt mean it will always happen.
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    hope it passes.

    My Sweetheart

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveKiss View Post
    Would you please not tempt the deployment gods?! They are vindictive and cruel.
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    It would be nice, but there are definately circumstances that will overrule the policy.

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    hahaha like during deployments.....

    ughhh send his ass back home for his paternity leave!
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    Gosh, wouldn't that be nice? I'd actually have a free arm to wipe my own ass or answer the phone for a few days!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donna View Post
    even if it passes doesnt mean it will always happen.
    Also, I didn't see where it would be non-chargeable, like convalescent leave? This seems like a waste of time to me. If a male servicemember has leave on the books, he can already plan to take it. I think all this would do would be to have the block of time be 'floating,' that is, it can start anytime in a 2-week period, and then end X number of days after that.

    That's nothing more than leave that's already available, just giving it a new classification for the floating start/end date. Commanders are still going to be able to tell someone No based on needs of the service.

    I actually see this as having the potential to create more problems: what do you do with the servicemember who doesn't have enough leave on the books to take 21 days? Do they only get to take what they have on the books, or do they get to go in the hole?

    Meh..... just stick with the current use of regular leave. Most male servicemembers who are expecting a child should have already informed their commands of such, including the due date. Let the commanders have the decision.
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