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Thread: Need help with car registering and title in regards to military...

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    Need help with car registering and title in regards to military...

    Would someone like to help me out?? I have a whole lot of car and insurance type quetions in regards to marrying into the military and relocating. I will gladly fill you in on my situation and things we are trying to figure out. If you would be willing to help please PM me! Thanks so much in advance.

    This is just so hard to try to figure out on my own while my fiance is deployed... not in the same state, let alone the same coast as me even when he does get back from deployment. And we just want to figure out what we are going to have to do before I move across country in a few months.
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    Your best source of information will be the DMV of the state to which you will be relocating. Each has it's own policies and they do vary - for example, in many states there are exceptions for vehicles registered/titled ONLY in the AD member's name, in some states there are exceptions for dependents, etc.

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