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Thread: Off base housing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by armygirl8714 View Post
    ok thanks ladies! as long as they cant do it for no reason! i can understand them getting involved if we cant pay our bills but hopefully we should be ok in that department.
    Oh, they can find a "reason" and make you do anything. But, yes you normally do have the choice to live off base, but that depends on where you're stationed. Personally, I'd rather live on base. I know a lot of people prefer to live off base, find a cheaper place and "pocket" the left over BAH money, but when you factor in your electric/gas bills for the ac and heating in summer and winter which can really add up, I don't think it's worth it.
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    I think most places in the US are post housing is an option. Justbe becareful if you get a place off base that you dont get screwed over like we are!! Our apartment is nice but we pay just as much for it as most houses for rent and more then BAH would be taken on post we are going to lookinto on post housing soon tho.
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    Thanks for all the info, its good to know!
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    If you choose to live on base, make sure the base housing you might be offered is worth the BAH amount you would be giving up for living there. Not all of them are.
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