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Thread: Military Benefits:college money

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    Confused Military Benefits:college money

    Does anyone know if wives get any benefits to put towards college? I'm currently a student and it would be nice if DH and I didn't have to pay out of pocket. I know to turn in a FAFSA but is there anything else?
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    i am also in the same situation. i've seen stuff for wives who have been overseas, but thats it really. help anyone?
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    There are some scholarships offered by places like the commissary and spouses groups. At least overseas there is. You may find some info on
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    Yall are great but that's not a big help...I'm not stationed anwywhere...DH got deployed too soon afrer we were married to move me with him. Thank you for you help though!!
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    short answer no. Best thing to do is fill out your FAFSA and look for scholarships. Only overseas do they offer Tuition assistance for spouses.

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    to be honest i applied for almost every scholarship I could find for military wives and there is just so many people that I doubt I had a chance to get those scholarships and its not for very much anyway.

    BUTTT I'm sure you'd be pleasantly surprised with financial aid after changing your income from your parents to your new husband's. My private school was fully paid for through financial aid after getting married. They even awarded me work study on top of that so I had a job to make extra money. It was insane. Mind you, my tuition is 21,000 a if you are going to a public university that is less than that i'm sure you won't have hardly any out of pocket expenses.

    you will probably get ALOT of financial aid.

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