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Thread: New to TriCare - how do I start?

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    New to TriCare - how do I start?

    I have my ID card, we're enrolled in Standard. I'm legally deaf, and need to set up an appt with an audiologist for a hearing aid/Cochlear implant surgery eval...Do I just call any, go on base for audiology, ummm..I don't know, I haven't been tested in years so I don't have a doc down here for that.

    Should I get myself enrolled in the EFMP before I do all that? I would have to have an eval in order to do that I'm sure.

    I'm just confused - don't mind my stupid questions.
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    You can contact Tricare on base and see what they recommend Dr. wise. I don't know enough about Standard. I've got the Prime.

    Someone should be able to help you though. Good luck!
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