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Thread: help with rent allotment!?

  1. nutmeg00
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    Help help with rent allotment!?

    my husband and i set up an allotment yesterday under his my pay for our rent, so it said it would pay 750 on the 1st to our landlords... but now im worried bc i dont know if its going to take it out only on the 1st of each month or on both the 15th and the 1st. ahhhhh does anyone know??
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    It will take it out of the whole monthly pay and divide the remainder for two paydays for your paycheck. So, basically, 1/2 each payday.

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    Yes, half and half.

    Our allotments are pulled with the first half taken the on 15th of the month prior the payment due date, then pull the 2nd on the 1st and make the payment in full at that time.

    I think the timing of when it is set up will determine how it works the first time around though.
  4. nutmeg00
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    thank you thank you, most importantly i wanted to make sure we werent giving the landlords 1500 a month. thats a relief.

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