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Thread: commy question

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    commy question

    Will they let you exchange something without a receipt?
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    good question.
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    doesn't hurt to ask. I've always had my receipt with me so I don't know for sure.

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    Cant hurt to ask.

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    We've exchanged unopened diapers for a different size before without a receipt.
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    I have had to exchange diapers before...they did it w/o a receipt, but of course, it was the exchange diapers (their brand) and there was no question where i got it... good luck!
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    Depends, but mostly yes, and they usually give you 3 times to exchange without a receipt, target & walmart ect i know do that.
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    when i worked there i did those kinds of refunds just as long as i've never seen them make that sort of exchange before. usually they're really big sticklers about needing the receipts when we do exchanges and such but if it's for the exact same item. or maybe the item in a different size then it should be fine. but sometimes you may get someone that will refuse to do the exchange without a receipt. it just happens. me personally, if i know someone doesn't make a routine out if it. i gave them the exchange.

    however if you don't have a receipt but they should check if the item you are exchanging will ring up on the register and it'll go by the price in the computer and if there's a price difference you'll have to pay for it or you'll get money back it just depends on the current shelf price.

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    I was just there yesterday, their reciept had something about save it in case a return was needed or something like that... walmart's say that too though and they still take things without reciepts

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