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Thread: quick tri-care question

  1. happygirl0486
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    quick tri-care question

    I used it for the first time at my dr yesterday the nurse called to confirm I had it and they say yes does this mean it's ok for my dr to bill them?

    what happens when your dr bills them do you get a bill for the part of the vist you have to pay?

    thanks for the help

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    Are you prime or standard?
    Under construction...

    Actually highlighting everything and hitting delete was a lot easier than fixing what was here....

    I'll think of something clever to put here someday....
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    It does depend on if you are prime or standard but I think if your Dr. is willing to take their insurance than they have to decide if you will co pay or they will just take what Tri-care pays. You might want to call and ask tri-care they could answer your question better.
  4. happygirl0486
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    I called and they told me my dr will send them the paper work and I have to pay my dr what whatever they don't
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    If you are standard you will get a bill from Tricare for the difference I believe. You can call Tricare and double check. But alot depends on if you are prime or standard.

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