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Thread: Civilian PCM on Prime

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    Civilian PCM on Prime

    Can you have a civilian PCM when you have Tricare Prime? I hate the clinic care I receive here, and we're moving to CA soon. I've heard that the family practice clinic in Miramar is very small and you are often referred to a civilian PCM- is that true? I hate seeing a different doctor every time who knows nothing about me or my medical history, but Standard is not an option right now.
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    I believe as long as Tricare approves it you should have no problem seeing one. We are Prime and ds sees a civi ped.
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    It depends on the area you are located in. If you live far enough away from post you can have the option of seeing a civi doc. Sometimes if the clinic is short staffed they refer you outside as well. Your best bet would be to contact that particular tricare office.
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    we're at camp pendleton and i was told i had to go on base because i'm on prime, so i don't changes bi-weekly out here

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    It will depend on your base clinic

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    If there is room at the base clinic then no you can't have a civi, but if they're full you can. We have a civi pedi in Virginia for my boys because the family practice was full.
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    We are on Prime and have always seen a civillian doctor.
    I hate not knowing my doctor when I go in to see her.....
    Now that we're over here in Japan, we have a steady military doctor that we know that we will have until we leave. He leaves 2 months after we do, so that feels great knowing that he knows our histories.
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    I had a civilian PCM on Prime when we lived in Portsmouth, only b/c the naval hospital was full. Fine by me, I got to keep the doctor I saw before I got married.
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    i believe it depends on where you are in distance to a military installation. if you're close enough to go to the military clinic, they will send you there. otherwise, you will be given a list of physicians in the Tricare network.

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