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Thread: I just don't get it...

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    Help I just don't get it...

    My husband was placed back on active orders after being medically disqualified awhile back and is now deployed again.(he's NG) So, when I go to get my prescriptions filled how does the pharmacy know that I now have tricare? Am I just automatically enrolled when his orders began? If so, how does my pharmacist know?
    Also, my doctor does not take tricare but I really need to stay with him because he's been my thyroid doctor a long time and he knows my condition well. Therefore, do I qualify to fill out the compensation form that I can send into tricare and receive some of my money back?!

    I went to tricare online and it was not much help
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    You have to be enrolled in DEERS and then you have to enroll in tricare. It's not automatic. I have no clue about the thyroid doctor, I would call the tricare number for your region if/once you are enrolled.
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    When my husband reativated, we went to DEERs and I was still on it also. I did not need to reenroll. They know nothing has changed because when he filled out paperwork, when he went back, he still filled out married. Before he goes to his station he has to give in the marriage certificate and childrens birth certificates.
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    When you enroll in DEERS your automatically on TriCare Standard. If you want Prime, you have to sign yourself up for that. I don't quiet get what you're asking, or understand it. But I know when I go to a pharmacy for the 1st time, I just show them my Military ID and they put in the information and can see what coverage you have from there.

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