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Thread: VA Loan

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    Question VA Loan

    DH told me that when he gets home he wants to start looking into houses because the housing market in San Diego is going down. I want that too but I dont know the first thing about starting the process. I know I want to get approved for the loan before I start looking but where do I go? Who do I talk to? Im so excited, I've always wanted a house and I feel like it is finally going to happen for us....woooooooo whoooooooooo
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    maybe this can be moved into the forum HOME SWEET HOME????
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    The first step would be to get a preapproval from the VA/mortgage company. You can go through a credit union or most lenders. Yes, the market is going down - however, rates are going up (and have been for awhile now) and it's harder for people to get approved/qualified for loans. PM me or post in the home sweet home if you have questions.

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