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    hello!! k i have a quick question.

    Kyle is in bct right now. When he's done, he's home in az for a few weeks, then moves his stuff to where he is stationed in co. about a month later, we're getting married and then I'll have to move all my stuff up there. do we get any help with money to move there? even if they're seperate trips? i'm assuming i wouldn't since i'm just marrying him and following him AFTER he's already there. right?? and seriously, why are uhaul's and gas so expensive??

    by the way...i just got the best wake up call of my life!!! bet you can all guess who it was..! just wanted to throw that in there
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    They Army won't pay to move you, when you join him. They would only move both of your things if you were already married when they need to move him somewhere.

    I feel you on the Uhaul and gas expenses, though. We paid out of pocket to move me, too. We rented a big Uhaul and gas wasn't $4 a gallon back then. My head would spin if we had to do it now.

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