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Thread: Getting a second opinion with Tricare

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    Getting a second opinion with Tricare

    If you get a second opinion from a specialist through Tricare, does it automatically switch your care to that doctor? Or will it be a consult only?
    I want to get a second opinion for my daughter, her GI doctor is recommending surgery. I don't want to switch specialists, just get an opinion from another doctor before I agree to surgery on my daughter.
    Also, will Tricare pay for a third consult if necessary?
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    You are entitled to a second opinion under the tricare plan. You won't switch specialists but you do need to contact your tricare office to find out what paperwork you need to submit for them to pay for it.
    I have not heard of a third consult being paid for, nor have I seen it in the paperwork, however you may be able to get approval for it. Again you need to contact your local tricare office.
    If you are unsure where your tricare office is located it usually is in the MTF that you utilize. If you do not use a MTF you can go to tricare's website to find out what building you need to go to.
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