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Thread: Resources for Abused DG/DF/DWs

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    Question Resources for Abused DG/DF/DWs

    In your particular branch of the military, are you

    (1) Aware of the "politics" involved if you need to get out of an abusive relationship with a man in that branch


    (2) Aware of resources available to gfs/fiancees/wives if their military man abuses them


    (3) Aware if there are reprecussions for the abuser?

    TNA's post got me thinking about whether or not there is a secret veil ever? I just want each of us to be safe. I am in NO way assuming the worst, just asking...
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    I'm aware of the resources, like FAP (Family Advocacy Program). But I'm not necessarily aware of the politics. I think that would vary from command to command, even though it shouldn't. And as for repurcussions, I know they exist, but I'm sure those politics come into play, and might keep them from being universally applied.

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