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Thread: States with Educational Benefits for Veterans

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    States with Educational Benefits for Veterans

    Got this in an email from DH and thought I would share.

    State Programs for Vets

    Here is a link to State and Territory VA Offices. States may offer their own benefits to state veterans. Some states and territories offer special license plates, waiver of fees on hunting and fishing licenses, veterans’ preferences on state jobs, and other benefits. A few states and territories offer education benefits. Go to this link to check out benefits in your state or territory:

    States with Educational Benefits for
    Veterans (State Residents)

    Alabama: A state resident with 20% service connected disability rating qualifies for his (or her) spouse to have 2 years of tuition free education and state institutions and 4 years for children:

    California: Children who are California residents may qualify for a waiver of tuition at state colleges and universities if a parent is a veteran with a disability rating of 0% or higher: Note: 0% is an actual disability rating with the VA, the lowest disability rating. It is not the same things as not having a disability rating.

    Florida: Fee waiver at state colleges and universities for those who have received any of the following awards: Purple Heart, Bronze Star with “V” Designation, Distinguished Flying Cross, Legion of Merit with “V” Designation, Silver Star, Air Force Cross, Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Medal of Honor. For more information:

    Illinois: Waiver of tuition at state colleges and universities for veterans who served during a time of hostilities (whether actually involved in the hostilities or not):

    Indiana: Free tuition at state colleges and universities for children of veterans with a 0% disability rating or higher if a veteran served during time of hostilities (i.e. an Indiana resident serving in the military today with a disability rating would meet this definition).

    Maryland: The Edward T. Conroy Memorial Scholarship is available to veterans with 25% disability rating or higher, if all federal education benefits have been exhausted:

    Massachusetts: For all veterans of the state, waiver of tuition at state supported colleges and universities on a space available basis:

    Minnesota: For Veterans who have exhausted federal benefits, a state grant of $750 toward payment of tuition:

    New York: Veterans Tuition Awards for up to $4287.50 per year:

    North Carolina: Up to 100 full scholarships per year awarded to children of veterans with a 20% disability rating or higher:

    Oregon: Up to $150 per month of educational benefits for those who have exhausted all federal benefits:

    Puerto Rico: For those attending University of Puerto Rico and its regional colleges, free tuition for veterans who have exhausted federal benefits before completing a degree:

    Texas: Under the Hazelwood Act, waiver of tuition at state supported colleges and universities. The benefit is reduced or eliminated while drawing benefits under a federal program such as Montgomery GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation:

    Virgin Islands (U.S.): Tuition Free education at the University of Virgin Islands:

    Washington State: Partial or full waiver of tuition for veterans who served during time of hostilities:

    West Virginia: Tuition Assistance for veterans who need a new vocation due to unemployment or dislocation, if all GI Bill benefits have been exhausted:

    Wisconsin: Full remission of tuition at University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Technical College campuses for all veterans. Benefits are also available to family members of veterans with a 30% disability rating or higher. Their spouses and children receive 100% remission of tuition:
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    I live in California and I've been taking advantage of the benefits I get for college because my dad is a veteran. It's great because the University tuition is a TON of money. Of course that means living at home because any dependent can't make more money for the year than the national poverty level. It's a great deal and opportunity.
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    Thank you so much for posting that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know I could go to college for free here in AL!!!
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    thanks I'm going to pss that on for my nephew, maybe he wants to go to college in CA since his dad lives there and hes a vet.

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