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Thread: tricare help.

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    Help tricare help.

    well, more like help in the lejeune area.

    i've been trying to figure out how to enroll me and my hubby & we would just go to the tricare office but he's always working & never has time for us to go. so i've opted to enroll online but i don't understand all these different places of care for locations.

    it's so frustrating. i was looking at it and i saw naval hospital & that made sense, and then it said to pick a location and i have no idea what the heck any of those are. i'm just sitting here looking at it thinking "fm blue what?".. "internal medcine huh?"

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    not sure about lejeune but usually you can be seen at internal medicine, family practice or something to that effect... maybe you can call & ask. some bases are full and send depends out too..

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