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Thread: BAH, BAS, COLA??

  1. dreemgurl02
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    BAH, BAS, COLA??

    First of all... what are they ? I know what BAH is... and I know what it does... but being new to the military lifestyle and with Richard being overseas I need to see if I can get some answers.

    Him and I are both wondering how much BAH, BAS and COLA would be for a married E-4...

    We are both curious because we plan on getting married when he comes home. If someone knows a link or has some answers I would be greatful..

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    This will give you your BAH and COLA info. (Know that you don't get COLA everywhere, only overseas and at a few stateside duty stations I think.)

    And the amount of money BAS for enlisted members is just under $300.
    Needs work.
  3. dreemgurl02
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    Thanks for the help... now I can send the link on to him so he can take a look.

    Thanks Again!
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    BAH - Basic Allowance for Housing (this is for regular bases and gives you money to find a home outside of the base - it is capped depending on where you live)

    BAS - Basic Allowance for Sustinence (this is a food allowance)

    COLA - Cost Of Living Allowance (this is for bases that have a high cost of living around the base...Alaska, for example.)
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    I no the BAS went up to $294
    BAH is based on zipcode and rank.

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