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    i was jus wondering if anyone could answer my questions about how housing is going to work when my fiance comes home from a-school and we get married?
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    When you get to your first permanent duty station, {after you get married} you can apply for housing on base - it's just a simple form. They'll stick you on the waiting list, when your name comes up, they'll offer you a house based on your needs (how many children you have, if any are special needs, what rank your man is, etc). Some bases will give you an option to turn down X amount of houses before they stick you on a hold (meaning you can't be offered any houses for X amount of time).
    If you're not married or you don't want to live in housing (housing IS optional), you can live out on town - they'll give you a housing allowance to do so.

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    what she said!

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