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Thread: Civilian doctor referral?

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    Civilian doctor referral?

    I am being referred to a civilian provider because the OB/Gyn at Portsmouth Naval Hospital is full. (I am on Tricare Prime).
    How does this work with the civilian doctor, do I just deal with that doctor's office instead of the Tricare appointment people? Will I be billed, or have to pay some sort of copay?

    I have only been to military doctors before while on Tricare, so the civilian stuff is new to me.
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    I go to off base doctors for everything, because we live a certain distance from the base. Usually, once you have your referral, you will make your appointments with the doctors office, and there will be no copay. They should cover 100%, so you shouldn't be billed for anything.
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    it takes up to 48 hours for the referral to be put in. You can contact tricare if you don't have the information of the civi provider, otherwise, after that 48 hours is up, call the provider and make an appt.
    Jordan is right, no copay, it's paid 100%.

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    my kids go to a civillian pediatrician because I hated the base pediatricians.

    I just changed it at the tricare office and now whenever I need anything I just call her. They bill Tricare and honestly I have never had any co pays or any out of pocket expenses. She is listed as an approved provider so it's covered by Tricare.

    I really prefer it.

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