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Thread: Switching banks...

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    Question Switching banks...

    DH and I still have separate bank accounts, but really should consolidate into one. His pay is direct deposited to his though and mine goes straight to mine. So...I've put it off for the sheer headache, but it's time to do it. My main concern is whether there will be a lag time for his pay because it would be both of us moving to a new bank. It took them awhile to even start paying him. Would it be that kind of delay again or is it pretty immediate?
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    Why not open a new joint account, and set up an allotment to go into it? I'm pretty sure that as long as you get in the new account info before the monthly change deadline that it will just go into the new account no problem, otherwise it will go into the old and the next check into the new.
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    why not keep your accounts seperate?

    we have been married 9 yrs and have never once combined accounts.

    also we have never fought about money, and it is nice that I can buy him a gift without him knowing how much I spent ( and vis-a versa).
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    I think it usually takes about 2 pays or maybe 3?
    If it was me I would keep all the other accounts open in the mean time till I see the pays going to the new account. Also, make sure everything has cleared before you (if you are going to) close the other accounts.
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    Depending on the financial institution, you may be able to move money into it from external accounts. That way neither direct dep needs changing. Just move money to the joint acct after payday.

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