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Thread: Moving and LES

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    Moving and LES

    how long does it take to get the LES back on track after you move....we didn't get an updated mid-month LES this time and i know after you move it can be wierd...

    but we got paid i just don't know if maybe the new allotment we put through didn't go in for the new place in time or if..we are going to have to pay out of pocket....we're obviously saving for this case..but i was just wondering..

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    even when you are NOT moving, there is a glitch in the mid month LES's. We have been here for 5 years now and it's happened to us a handful of times. we have never had an issue with the LES when moving.
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    you usually don't get your mid month LES, but you should get your end of month one on time.

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