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Thread: am i covered?

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    am i covered?

    i'm wondering if anyone knows... if df wont be able to enroll me in deers until 2 maybe 3 weeks after our wedding, am i going to techniquelly have any health insurance while we're on our honeymoon and such? will my parent's insurance drop me the day i'm married?
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    Not sure about your parent's insurance, but I know that you won't have any Tricare benefits until you are enrolled in DEERS.
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    You'll be covered by might have to pay out of pocket at the moment if something happens but they should go back and reimburse you for least thats what I think.
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    You won't be covered by tricare until you're in the DEERS system and registered with tricare. If he gets you registered by the 20th of the month, you're covered right away. If not, it takes effect the following month.

    I don't know about how your parents insurance works..

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    I am pretty sure you are dropped from your parents instantly. But, when you enroll in deers and sign up for tricare, your insurance will be retroactive back to the day you got married I'm pretty sure.

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