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Thread: Va Loan question

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    Va Loan question

    My husband and I were looking into buying a slightly older house and we would use the VA loan to purchase the house. Would we be able to take out a slightly higher amount of money to pay for the house and then use the left over to to some things around the house? The appliances need updating and the backyard needs to be fenced in. The house is only $145,000 and we were approved for over $170,000 so it's not an issue of approval.
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    Only if the house appraises higher than the asking price, which is doubtful. Also, VA appraisers generally give a low ball value for the house, so it's a tough one. Good luck!
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    no not usually -- tho what you can do is apply for a equity loan at the same time as you do the VA... depends on the bank and your credit -

    there are other 0 money down options besides the va-

    and a little advice- you should have at least 10,000 for closing costs, home inspection and pre paids any way at the time of closing..

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