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Thread: DEERS and when available?

  1. ArmyWifewith3
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    Help DEERS and when available?

    Okay, I'm confused. That's my normal state these days as I dig further into the Army ... stuff.

    So my question is this: When do we know when our families are entered into the DEERS database so we can get our ID cards and start using those benefits? Will someone mail us a letter or is it just a guessing type thing?

    Please HELP!!!
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    When you go enroll in DEERS you walk over and get your ID that day. And you should be enrolled emediatly. You have to request te insurance cards though
  3. ArmyWifewith3
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    Okay, still confused...

    DH just went to BCT and I was under the impression that he was to enroll us in all of that during Reception Battalion. He has all the necessary paperwork as he was instructed to bring it. Obviously he doesn't ask too many questions and I'm coming up with them too late to find out any information!

    Maybe I should just call the office here and see what's up. Maybe they'll be able to tell me if our info is in there.
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    Look here

    There are some #'s that you can call and see if your DH has put you guys in yet.
  5. ArmyWifewith3
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    Thanks! I'll start calling. I'm just not sure how quickly the Army does anything since DH presumably just left the Reception Battalion this morning. Though they did have a delay and it took them longer to get to BCT than they had originally planned.

    I think I'm taking too many blows the past two days. I'm having a heck of a time concentrating on anything! I think it's time to make a list and see if I can't straighten out my mind a little.

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