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Thread: Various Pay Questions

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    Various Pay Questions

    So I have gotten 1 paycheck while my husband is in Basic and it was about $1500 bucks. I checked my bank for future transations and it shows the amount of the next paycheck which is only $950. It seems a little strange to me how much the difference is. Does anyone know why?

    Also a little side question, my hubby and I don't have great credit but my car died out finally and I was wondering if anyone knew of any place that gave out car loans for military personel.

    Thanks for all the help!
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    I'm not 100% sure, but gonna incase someone else knows.

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    Have you gotten any LES's yet? I'm not sure if you can get into mypay while he is in basic but you can try to look on there and check an LES ( leave and earnings statment ) for a break down of his pay. You'll have to check with him to find out his access code for mypay.

    We have our car loan through USAA and love them! Beware of places that say they can finance anybody. A lot of them say that but then they want a pretty big down payment plus a pretty big car payment every month. Not to mention the interest rates.. Good luck!
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    Depending on when he joined, might be why the check is different, plus you have the intital clothing allowance in there some where. If I remember correctly.
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    USAA is great! oh and those are all the deductions from when they first startd basic. They get like $500 upfront to get all their supplies and stuff.
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    Look into the US Miles program
    They only do low mileage cars and base your payments on his rank. My best friends got their truck through them and had a great experience!
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    his second check is smaller because they probably took out all his uniform pay and food. USAA is great but you need to be a member, also you can't put a car in his name without a Power of Atternoy. credit unions are almost always going to give you a better rate, we were going to go through USAA but got a better rate with another credit union so we became members of that. good luck i hope you get a new car soon that stinks.

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