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Thread: overseas leave question

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    overseas leave question

    My husband was told they would be getting block leave from around Dec 22nd-Jan 6th. He is stationed overseas in germany and wants to come home for that time. (he has enough leave days saved up to do so) and wants me to buy the plane ticket right now (which i pretty much have to do since they get so expensive) but i worry that when it comes down to it they may not get that much leave. Do the posts overseas really give all their guys that much time off for block leave during the winter holidays? Does anyone have (or had) a S.O. stationed overseas that can give me any info about this? I would just hate to have to try and change his plane ticket..its so much money. and he is in the field for the next month or our communciation is limited.
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    Last year my husband's unit was on 50 splits(every other day shifts) from 14 dec. to 6 Jan, so it is possible. His best bet is to request leave now and see what they say.
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    last year they told db he would have leave for christmas, when it came down to it they changed it to where he only got 4 day weekend over new years, so we had ended up waiting until the last minute to buy tickets for me to go see him. but It may be different where your dh is.

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    this wasn't overseas..
    but when i went to visit my db last year for chistmas.. he put his leave in and it was approved
    but the day before I got there they revoked it and gave him the second holiday week, because he asked later than the other people and were down people that week.
    so just heads up - just because they say okay doesn't mean okay.
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    If the leave has been approved then he will get it. I know if they are not on leave then they have to work either christmas week or new years week. Luck you, going to Germany, have fun

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