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Thread: Implementing a Program... need help

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    Implementing a Program... need help

    I had idea I wanted to implement, to do something for the children of deployed service members when their mom/dad returns home. Like a Thank you/Well done kinda thing. I emailed our Base Key Spouse Program coordinator here and she suggested the I team with a girl who is heading up the Battalion Buddies program (gives toys to kids before parent deploys) and honestly, I think she is doing it not only for the wrong reasons but I also do not believe that she is the type of person our base needs representing them or as a Key Spouse.

    I know there have been a few people who have expressed their opinions of this girl to the Program coordinator. She has also made it quite clear with her attitude and the looks that she has given me that she does not like me (the only reason I can think of why for this, is because I was voted in as ESC Sec last year over her by the ESC board, childish I know), even though I have tried MANY times to be nice to her.

    Anyway, with all that aside, I just do not feel comfortable working on a project like this with her and I am having a difficult time trying to word my reply to the coordinator and explain why, without bringing personal issues into it or badmouthing the said girl (though I would really love to).


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    That's tough, Do you have to partner up with her or can you start his up yourself? Maybe be very cordial and ask for ideas (not really caring) but keep your distance and do your own thing with other ladies. IDK, it all depends if they are really wanting you to work with her or if it's more of an optional thing. I hope thats what kind of help you're looking for, if not SORRY! I hope it works out for you. It sounds like a great program that would really benefit the kids.

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