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Thread: Starting a Nonprofit?

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    Starting a Nonprofit?

    Hi, I wanted to see if any of you ladies by chance had any experience starting up a nonprofit. Some pretty tragic events have happened to a friend lately, and her story has inspired me to start up a nonprofit. It's still in the very early conceptual phases, but I wanted to create a place where military spouses could go, or services that could come to them if they have trouble getting out due to kids/pregnancy/etc. I'd like to help them get their GEDs (if they don't already have some sort of HS equivalent) and help them get into professions that are more portable/"military friendly" if nothing else for a fallback.

    The way I see it is I'd like to have a physical office located here, but be able to have others working go out to see spouses if coming down wasn't practical. I want to offer tutoring services, free study guides to borrow in house, etc.
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    While its a GREAt idea and i dont know how to start one... our Fleet and Family(navy) already does that for us.
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    I've helped with the start up of a nonprofit and I have experience with grant writing. First narrow down what you want to do, be very specific and create an overall statement on what you plan to do/provide. After you are established you can expand, I would hate for you to try to tackle too much and get overwhelmed. Like if you focus on GED testing for military families, look for education grants, a non-profit is supported, typically, by grants or donations.

    Your question is sooo broad, there are college courses that tackle this topic over an entire semester! What specific questions do you have? I'd be more than happy to try to help guide you in the right directon. Also see about getting together a task-group, a non-profit is a lot, a lot, a lot of work, having others to help organize, plan and execute will bring down your stress levels a bit and make the work more managable. and PM me if you want kudos for taking such a big step!
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    I don't mean to be a debbie downer but I don't get it, you want to set up a non profit for things that are already offered on bases already?

    If you are really committed to doing this, you need to look at the big picture...You would like to have offices around the country? Do you have the funds for rent, computers, supplies, etc to get started?

    As far as not getting out due to kids/pregnancy etc, I am a firm believer of you can do anything you set your heart to, however if pregnancy and kids is what is holding them back from getting to the services, how are they going to work? How are you going to hold professional meetings if your clients have children running around the office or house (if in house service)? Most CDC's have drop in care if needed for appointments or if you need a sitter, ask a friend

    As far as getting GED's, you can do that online (my neighbor is doing that now). Getting a portable career, these days due to the economy, most careers are portable, especially home based businesses, as far as office/retail/etc jobs, you can see if you can transfer within your company or you quit and try and find a new one when you move.

    A LOT of bases (everyone I have been at anyway), have people to help with job finding in/around base, volunteer opportunities, resume writing, the education office on base is there to help with GED and degrees as well. Most of these services are offered free or at VERY little cost.

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