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I would totally do this......if I wasnt already feeding and supporting DH's entire group of friends and then some. He's the only one out of all of his friends that is married. I can think of...2? that have steady girlfriends. The other 8 don't really get anything, maybe a letter from their parents or a sibling. So I always send 2 care packages, 1 for DH and 1 for all his buddies. Chock full of candy, toys, cards, gag gifts, snacks, food, etc. I know they don't get much and when they get stuff they always tell DH to thank me profusely. So I know that everything I send is greatly appreciated and if anything were to ever happen to DH, they'd be the ones helping me out and making sure I'm okay. It's the least I can do
that's so sweet! i always send extra treats for DB's single pals, bc i know they aren't getting care packs!

maybe i can help you out, and send a care pack to the whole group too?? i'd rather send directly where i KNOW it'd be appreciated, and i'm too late for adoptaplatoon's V-day. PM me info if you think its a good idea!