Hello everyone,

I am posting here in an effort to help connect the troops
stationed overseas back home to their families.

It is an idea that I wanted to try and use while a relative
of mine was stationed in Afghanistan.

Before I could get everything into place to utilize this idea,
he was involved in a firefight. He lost his life in that battle.

In his loss I felt the need to try to implement this idea so that
other troops and their families could communicate for free.

This is done with your computers so both parties must have
access to a computer as well as internet.

I will setup channels as they are needed, and will do my best
to guide anyone that wishes to use this application.

If you in fact would like to try this, I will check back on this
thread or else you can go to the site and request one via email.

The site is operationtroopconnect.com.

This is something that anyone can do themselves due the fact
that the software mfg. has both the server side and client
side of the application.

If you need assistance for that I will try to guide you through it as well.

Thanks to you and your significant other for their services.

The sacrifices the troops and their families endure such as you all here
are truly and greatly appreciated.

Thanks to you and yours,