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    Omg I can only imagine! I'd be going crazy if I knew DB was a drive away and I couldn't see him. O that's not long at all! My DB is going to be in school for two whole years :/ And after that he says he wants to be stationed in Japan, but I'll worry about that when the time comes, because right now the idea freaks me out. Do you plan on moving once your DB gets stationed somewhere? I feel ya about the driving. I've been driving for a year now and I hate it! Especially driving through downtown LA or going to Malibu. Its not THAT far away but traffic is horrible! I particularly hate switching lanes, and people here can be really mean and don't let you merge or switch over. But eventually you get to the point where you still hyperventilate but you do it because you have to lol I hope you find a job soon! What kind of job are you looking for?
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    I think we got there like an hour early and pretty much all of the good seats were taken already. Are you staying at the Marriott? We stayed at the Marriott Inn at Great Lakes and it was super close, like a 5 to 10 minute drive. I hardly slept the night before hah at least his parents have the option to drive there. We had to fly in the day before and didn't get to the inn till 11 pm. Hmmm, not familiar with what AV is lol I'll ask DB. Do you know how long his schooling will be? I work at Starbucks. Not the most glamorous job (especially when I come home with mocha and milk stains lol ) but it helps pay the bills while I'm at school. Ohh hows the job search going? I heard it's tough, I was so lucky to find an opening.
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    I've had lots of family staying at my house from Mexico so now that they're gone I'm just relaxing before I start school next week. And work as always. How have you been? Besides super busy and excited? Lol what's your DB going to do after basic? You may have already told me but I forgot.
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    That nervousness is totally normal lol I was almost kind of scared to see my DB, I didn't know how it would be once I did. I was worried it'd be awkward since we'd never been apart for that long. But once I saw him it was as if we'd never been apart. I'm so excited for you! Reading about how you're going to see him brings some of those feelings back. Are you going with his family? I suggest you get to the graduation SUPER early, the good seats fill up fast. Yea I was really annoyed with that woman lol I feel like what works for one couple doesn't necessarily work for the other. Due the 3 hour difference our schedules don't always sync up and texting is more practical on weekdays. He's also top of his class right now so he studies a lot to keep it that way. He does keeps me updated on his day, always texts me goodmorning and goodnight, and he sends me pictures of his adventures in Charleston on weekends, then on Sundays we Skype for an hour or two. He also sent me a flower arrangement for our anniversary, which I was kind of surprised to get lol Its not ideal but it works. At this point I'm just grateful that we're together, DB said most of his friends are recently single.
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    Hey! Its been a while since I've posted on here. You're going to get to see your sailor soon right?! So that thing about my db not knowing my mom's name...I don't think I ever told him her name lol she was just mom. Things are still rough, we still only Skype once a week. I was OK with it until one of the girls on the fb nuke gf/wife page said one Skype call a week was complete BS and that her bf would Skype her for at least 5 minutes everyday. So now I'm kinda bummed again. I wish she wouldn't have told me thatt because I was still super happy about our Skype date yesterday and what she said kind of put a damper on my mood. Anyways, how are you?
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    I'm sorry to hear that your family is still having an issue with your relationship. It's hard when you feel as if your family doesn't support you as they should, especially when you're going through a hard time. I have no real advice because you can't make them be supportive, just stay strong. If your love is strong enough it will surpass all of that's gong on with your family. Yay graduation is coming soon! It's weird, I feel like I was happier when db was in bc. I don't know if it's hormones talking (it's my TOM) but I just feel really unhappy in this relationship. I feel like he doesn't listen to me and when we get a chance to Skype he's doing something else on the computer or talking to his roommates. When I text him I feel as if he ignores what I say and goes off talking about this day with no regard to what I had to say. The other day I found out that he doesn't even know my mom's name. We've been dating a year and he's didn't know the name of the woman who constantly fed him. I know that school is his priority right now but I feel like I'm not even close to being on his list of priorities.I feel like I'm trying to hold on to something that might not be worth holding on to. But idk if I'm just being overly emotional.
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    Ummm he's always kinda been this way. My guy friend describes it as stoic. We did get to talk for two hours the other day, one on the phone and one on Skype. After we finished Skyping he text me telling me he liked Spyping. I think that certain things just don't occur to him. Now that he's started school I hear from him even less. They have mandatory 2 hr study time after class (they get out at like 4 I think) and sometimes he has errands to run or he eats dinner so by the time he gets home his roommate is asleep -_- lol yesterday he didn't get home till like 10 but he stayed up texting because he had a midnight sweep. I think I'm starting to get used to it though. I can't wait till the weekend, since I hear more from him then. I told my therapist about how I was feeling and she said that I have to wait for him to catch up to me in maturity (he's almost 2 years younger than me) and that he's busy trying to get through day to day while I'm trying to figure out the future. And that men and women often have some sort of communication issue, just because we think differently. So that made me feel better. But he is someone I can see myself marrying and I think had he been any other person I wouldn't have bothered to stick around. Anyways, how are you and your db? Is his graduation date coming up?
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    Yes I talked to him about it and told him why it was important to me, I'm not so sure he gets it though. I also told him that I needed us to talk on the phone or video chat like once a week. He said he would try his best. I'm not feeling too hot about this relationship right now and I'm starting to think that going our seperate ways might be an option. Tomorrow is his birthday so I probably won't bring that up anytime soon. I love him but I'm miserable in this relstionship. That sounds like an interesting book! What's it called? I guess I don't really know his love language... when he was here he would always take me out but now idk. That's great that you'll finally get to get your license! I didn't get mine till I was... 22 I think. Pretty embarassing, especially since LA is like the land of cars lol
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    I was pretty upset. So I called him and he didn't have much to say, which made me even more upset. I think he was just confused... which happens a lot lol I guess we just have very different ways of thinking. In his head he just wanted a super cheap laptop and in my mind the camera was the most important thing. I guess we just have to learn to adjust

    a concussion! o no I'm glad you're getting better. And that may be the case, you relied on her so much before, it must be hard for her to see you being self reliant again because she may not feel as needed.

    (my message was too long I had to post it in two parts, guess I'm the one venting now lol)
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    We hit our 1 year anniversary on August 8th
    Wow, your mom doesn't sounds very supportive! Obviously it's going to be incredibly difficult, I don't think any of us think this is going to be easy. I gotta admit though... it's harder than I thought. I thought that I would feel better now that he has his phone but I don't. I think part of the reason is that he doesn't share many emotions (he claims he doesn't have any haha) which makes it hard for me because it makes me feel like he doesn't care about me? He rarely truly expresses how he feels about me, unless he's drunk or in bootcamp lol but otherwise he's always pretty "stoic". Now I'm starting to doubt if this is for me. I love him, but I feel like I'm going to be the one putting in all the effort. I guess this all started with him purchasing a laptop. I asked him if it had a camera and he said he didn't think it did! :O It turned out it did have one but it bothered me that he didn't care whether it did or didn't. It sounds all pretty stupid but in my mind it's like "How did you think this was going to work?! Texting is not enough for me, I actually want to CONVERSATE and be able to see you!"
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