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    I drove out the the night before deployment and stayed the night. I got there around 10:30pm and he had to be back on base at 3:30am to get his guys together. so we only slept about an hour, just hanging out watching tv and talking and all the fun stuff you do before deployment.
    Thats nice that your DB told you what he wants during deployment. Mine told me that once he can get CP and reg mail, to just send whatever I want. Totally didn't help with any ideas of what to send him. But I do know he loves brownies so I'm going to attempt to send him some once he can get mail. We'll see how they turn out.
    MOS is what there job is. It's what there classified as on paper. So like infantry or a mortorman or a linguist. Sorry I get so used to talking to DB about it that we talk in all the military jargon.
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    Oh well you have plenty of time to figure all that out. Plus he might want another kid once he's home for a while.
    Yah dates change so much. Even his deployment date changed every other day. They didn't even know if his unit would get leave before they left and then they did, but they were told that day. Not enough time to take off work and everything for me so I only got one night before he left. Hes been gone for only a couple of weeks and they recently told him it would be 7 months but with his MOS that's just them estimating how long it will take him to do his job and get out. He gets to leave when he finishes the planned mission. The mission that they took 6 days to tell him all the details of. So im not holding my breath but its something to look to. What's your DB's MOS?
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    SO I haven't heard from him in a couple days, which means I won't hear from him for about a week prob. But last time I talked to him, he did say he would try to call soon. I'm so excited to hear his voice. Don't get me wrong, emails are great, but I would love to hear his voice since he left.
    Aww, his battle buddy. That's so cute. How old is your daughter? DB doesn't want kids and the chances of me being able to have kids is so slim that we just throw caution to the wind and whatever happens happens. So for now, I get to hang out with my little brothers whenever I go to visit (there 11 and 4) and watch all my friends kids.
    DB can't get mail right now and it sucks. I want to send him a Christmas CP and some pictures but he wouldn't get it. He moves around so much and usually isn't at a real base, so they don't know when they'll get there mail. SO instead I'm sending him a Christmas card through email.
    When does your DB get to come home?
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    Have you heard from him? Hope you do soon! You're daughter is at a great age! So much fun. Enjoy every minute of it
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    Yah the site has definitely helped. Especially when you just need to vent and stuff so your not letting it out on DB. They have enough to worry about. I don't need him worrying if I'm ok all the time... I think it's made deployment a lot easier so far to have people to talk to that are in the same situation and understand where your coming from.
    It was a really good week. I got to email with DB a couple times and he PM'ed me. So we got to talk twice through PM. Only for a minute each but it was nice to talk to him. He knows he'll be in blackout eventually so he's trying to talk to me as much as possible right now. He also found out that his deployment should be about 7 months. Of course it can change but it's nice to have some sort of date to look to then to just sit around wondering.
    How have your been?
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    Hi Andrea, I'm Cindy. Glad to meet you, well on here Where did your Marine deploy too and when did he leave? Mine left Nov. 14th and he is on a MEU. We're not married to he lived on base and I live in our home town 3 hours away but we'd spend every free time together and I would go to base all the time. I'm glad you found me on here and we'll definately need to chat. I just my my Marine his CP, have you sent yours yet?
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    Ugh! Some men can be dramatic and you're being very mature about it I haven't done any shopping either! I need to get at it asap!! He's doing okay, tired and busy most of the time so i try not to keep on the line too much when he calls. Yes, i have, not as often as you but i have I write to him often and send greeting cards here and there just to make him feel better How long has your Marine been deployed for?
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    thank you
    i never thought id able to do long distance or a military relationship but its worth it now.
    ill post pictures after my trip
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    since my brother is coming here (home in washington) for his 16 days and my db is going to his home in indiana it was hard deciding how many days to spend here with my brother since they are going to war together but my brother told me to spend 5 with him and then fly and have 13 days with my db so im doing that
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    well your doing a great job!
    ahhi cant wait to send cp's later! haha yeah cuz those get pricey i hear lol

    things are going good just getting things ready for the holidays.
    oh and i get to see my brother the marine in 7 days
    &ive been talking to my DB since tuesday night because thats when they got back from the field and they arnt leaving again. so i see him in 11 days
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