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    Hey Alisa, how are you? Any news about your DH coming home? I read your thread and i feel really sorry for you! Hope things get better soon..
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    Thinking of you and your situation!
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    Things are okay... just trying to keep busy with school. DB is driving me crazy again. oNly a few more days for you! That's so exciting! Are you feeling any better health wise?
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    Hey! Hope you're doing a lot better! And I know you're excited to see your DH!
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    Hey I just saw your post, and yes i have wanted to leave with him since i knew he was going, if i had a chance i wouldve been over there with him . I wouldnt think twice about it. so i understand u!
  6. Yeah it is like 10 mins of awkward silence each time that I pick him up from the airport after bein away for so long but then that clears up and we're back to normal. I am excited about Christmas too. First christmas as a married couple :-) I can't wait til we set up our tree. I have been eyeing ornaments at Hobby lobby that I might buy and put in a my carry on lol. I have been shopping but havent made any progress. I have no idea what to get him, since he is the provider in our little family its like what do you buy for the person that gives you the money to buy stuff with lol. So Im leaning towards some more "special" sentimental things...& possibly a new wallet and some polos. Yeah mine could have switched too but he rly wanted to go to Germany, otherwise we would have gone to Texas, and he would have gotten deployed in a year but looks like hes getting deployed anyway sooo...Im happy now about Germany. Even though its inconvenient...we will get to see the world, and experience different culture other than American culture. Hopefully I will be going to pick up my tickets soon....yayyyy!!! Im so excited!!! && since they are going to pay for it anyway we decided to have a few things shipped, but they are notorious for losing peoples belongings so im taking all the important stuff in my luggage.
  7. Awwww. Your honey is coming home lol...I know that feeling of anticipation. I cant wait to get to the Frankfurt airport and then it will all seem real. I see him everyday on webcam but its not the same as being able to hug the person and stuff. Plus I feel so relieved knowing that he will move out the barracks soon. A soldier was killed there two days ago :-/ And generally single soldiers tend to be drunk alot and people are always getting into drunken fights and etc. I'm like an old grandma I am so excited about christmas I have started shopping for his presents already. Its so ironic that out of all the people he was friends with during AIT he was the only person that got sent to Germany and I have been saying since I was 12 that I wish I could go to germany. So thats pretty cool. OMG Dash got microchipped today :-( That needle they use looks like a drinking straw. He screamed so loud when they put it in, I almost cried :-/ He has a visible hole in his back between his shoulders so we have to be careful that the microchip does not slip back out.
  8. Yayyy I'm so excited!! And I'm so happy for you as well. We both will be with our hubbies very shortly!! :-) WOOO HOOO!. I would love to meet you as well, maybe for lunch or some shopping or something would be nice...Explore Germany a little bit. Yeah I think DH said something about picking up my tickets on base and im all packed up (virtually living out of three suit cases so that Im always prepared LOL) so I will be there ASAP!. Because housing is readily available they said DH should have housing sometime next week. Which is exciting as well. Our first home as a married couple :-D. Yayyy.. Go us!! lol today is really a terrific day!
  9. Im waitin on my packet so I can go arrange a date and go pick up my tickets and awww that so great! yay!!
  10. I am now command sponsored!! Woo hooo!!! I'm so happy. Finally!
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About Alisa2089

Basic Information

About Alisa2089
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Bamberg, Germany
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
Chemistry Lab partners in college :)
About Me:
I am a multitasking person who loves to be involved and get busy. I am a college student at Southern Polytechnic State University in Atlanta, GA, and I am also involved in a sorority here, Alpha Xi Delta. I am a computer science major, so I love to spend hours programming things and making them tick. Right now I am finishing from my degree from Germany, and will be going back to Atlanta for a semester to be able to graduate.
About Us:
I started dating my soldier in October of 2009. We met in chemistry the past summer, and ended up being lab partners. I told him I would NEVER date someone in the Army because of the hard times, but never say never! He ended up living with me before his officer training (from December 2009 to March 2010) and he proposed to me out in the Georgia snow February 12th 2010. We went to the courthouse June 11th, and had a reception brunch to celebrate July 25th!!
Interests & Hobbies:
I love computers, swimming, animals, and starbucks coffee <3
Dream Sheet:
I'm hoping the military will bring lots of adventure to be and my husband's life. I am hoping, if he ends up doing this as a long time career, that he succeeds and that I am right by his side the entire time.
Army wives, Greek, Heroes, Chuck
Twilight series, Rent



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