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    I'm doing...well it's an off day. I think I'm having a VERY light period, but I'm TOTALLY hormonal. Crying, tired, sad. s

    I fell off the diet wagon, and didn't do my exercises last night. So, I'm berating myself for that.

    I did get my Billy Blanks DvD today and TOTALLY excited about doing that tonight with the boys. They think it's a fighting moves DvD, so are really wanting to do it with me, which is great, so not gonna tell them other wise.

    Yeah. I guess I thought it was you that had your hair cut and it didn't turn out right. Well that's good to know it wasn't you!

    How are you doing today? Give your huny a nice hard hug since I can't hug mine!

    Luvs sweety!

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    How are you sweety??

    What's up? How goes the hunt for an orthadontist? How is your hair looking? I hope you went back and demanded that she fix it!! It would totally piss me off! I mean, come on! EVERYONE sees your hair?!?!

    Luv you sweety!
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    Well if it falls over it's just gonna make it all that much more fun!
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    Yeah. Poor guys. I do feel badly that there isn't more of a presence for husband's of military soldiers, but, they are in the minority, unfortunately we women DO out number them! hehe

    Yeah I had a good night, I slept rather well. Hehe, though I need to get to bed EARLIER!! I'm soo cranky if I don't get like ten hours of sleep it seems. Just how I roll.

    WOOT! Yeah for you sweety! My husband will be coming home in the spring time too!!

    So we know what BOTH of us will be doing once those sexy soldiers get back....

    Think you got the picture!

    Love you sweety!!
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    HEHE!! Hey!! Don't be hogging all the bubbly over there!

    Yeah...I am thinking of just mentioning it in passing. Let people come and check it out if they like. I don't think the guys will EVEN get past reading the welcome newbie thread!!

    Well sweety I'm

    I put the kids to bed at seven yesterday and went to bed myself, and then woke up at nearly four am and been up ever since!! hehe

    On the bright side it has really helped to stop me eating at night!!

    mmm....candy *said in best Homer Simpson voice*

    Ok ok...catch ya tomorrow sweety!!

    I'm soo gonna have to find a belly dancing class when I get my sexy body!! hehe Drive our men crazy!!
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    Def! Same to you!
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    I'm doing alright with it. It's a major change that's for sure. Wish my husband wasn't so far away, but doing alright
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    I'm doing okay. I'm glad that you're determined! That's the way to be! My new years was pretty good, I hope yours was as well!
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    Thanks for the support about PCOS! And that IS my New Years Resolution, to get healthy I'm here for you as well!
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    Of course!!
    *gets stalker scary from "single white Female"
    We'll dress alike, talk alike, have the same hair cut, same hair color. We'll be TWINS!!!
    *runs off cackling crazily*

    Scare ya???

    I know!! I'm soo glad you found the site. I thought about PMing other great spouses on milspouse...I have to tell you...this forum is ADDICITVE!!! haha I have been on here a few days and already I have like 60ish posts!!

    I'm totally addicted to the smilies!!
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